Sunday, February 1, 2009

February Newsletter from UPFA

Hello everyone. Here is the latest edition of the Utah Professional Florist Association's newsletter with a message from our President, Tracy Barlow AIFD. Look in the following weeks for updates on news and events from UPFA.

Dear Friends of the association,
I hope you are looking forward to Valentines Day. It’s always a time of stress and hassle but it’s a great time for each of us to put our best foot forward and remind our customers why they love to shop at our stores. That special touch we can give each design, our friendly service that isn’t found in the box stores, our delivery service and the list can go on and on. I always remind my staff this is a huge day because some customers only order flowers a few times a year so we have to WOW them, with the above mentioned benefits, so that they want to keep shopping with us.
Even with a slowing economy, love will still be in the air this Valentines Day. But you might have to fan it a little. I recommend that you still advertise to keep your message in front of customers. Make sure that message is the same one your employee’s are sharing with guests. Even the smallest of staffs can hold a training meeting and review delivery procedures, and special designs you are offering, holiday prices, and some customer service training. Most importantly make sure you are organized. Now more than ever you need to know what your costs are and how much you need to sell your product for. You have to be the business person you should have been during the times of plenty.

We are working hard to get our volume buying opportunities lined up for spring. Kathy Thomas and her committee are in the planning process so we can get information out to you soon about that. And I am Thrilled that we will be hosting our first of many education workshops at Ensign’s on April 19, 2009. Another educational opportunity I fully endorse will be held Sunday March 29 with the theme "Wedding Glitz and Glamour" presented by Hitomi Gilliam at Callister Imports. I believe you can learn something everywhere and you have to take advantage of those opportunities. So support these fabulous wholesalers who are an anchor to our association and industry. If you know of anyone who is interested in the association or if you have any comments contact me at

Happy Valentines Day,
Tracy Barlow AIFD
President of Utah Professional Florist Association