Monday, March 22, 2010

Members Only Special from Red Mountain Wholesale

Hot off the Presses!

Red Mountain Wholesale, one of our member wholesalers, is offering a members only special just in time for spring.

This will be a 10 bunch box at the amazing price of $4.99 per bunch! The box will include 5 bunches of  ranunculus and 5 bunches of anemones in assorted colors.  You can't beat this price on such a small quantity!!!

To order call Red Mountain Wholesale this week for arrival next Monday or Tuesday.  Call their sales desk at 1-888-673-3686

Give your shop and your arrangements a spring makeover with this special for Utah Professional Florist Association members only!  

Not a member? It's easy to join, and at only $99 per year you not only get the flower price bargain, but you get all kinds of perks for your investment in your business.  Not only will you receive special prices on flowers at different times throughout the year, you will have discounted access to all of our educational programs and our convention on the last weekend in June. You will also benefit from rubbing elbows with your peers and colleagues who are joining in our partnership to elevate the floral profession in Utah.  Here's how you join:  
          Call or email our treasurer Caroline Mabey, owner of Brown Floral
                                   Phone:  801-278-4800

Friday, March 12, 2010

President's message for March 2010--Time to Organize!

By: Tracy Barlow, AIFD, UPFA President
The Window Box
1066 E. Gentile Street
Layton, UT 84041

I hope that Valentine’s was a successful and profitable holiday for you. With 2010 in full swing I am hearing more shops saying that it is looking like an encouraging year ahead. As many of us approached this year’s Valentine’s with a great deal of thought and planning to help secure a strong bottom line. I think it’s important to maintain that same focus for the rest of the year. This same kind of focus can apply to the day to day operations. We all have too much to do and it seems like there is never enough time in the day to get it all done. Just as you approach holiday ordering and operations with a plan and much thought, do that on a smaller scale for your day to day work. There have been 4 steps that have been helpful to me staying organized and productive.

Plan your day the night before. Start by listing the things that you didn’t get done that day. Then list out the other tasks that you need to accomplish the next day. Don’t worry about putting them in any kind of order or priority at this time. Your goal for doing this is to get a list of the important things you need to get done. I recommend this planning session should only last from 10-20 minutes. Remember to “write your plan and work your plan”.

Now, Prioritize your list. Depending on your role in the shop, priorities vary. I still do a lot of the designs for my shop and manage some of the business aspects. So my first priority is the sales of flowers, second the production of flowers. So the first part of my day is spent at the design table or meeting with new clients. It is best to do the hard things first. If you continue to avoid them they will mount up and eventually you’ll end up with a full day of all the things you don’t want to do. Come to work early; you never hear that successful shops start work at the crack of noon. Tell your staff when you are available and when you are working your plan. Take time to instruct your staff what they can be doing while you are occupied. This will allow you accomplish the tasks that will keep your shop profitable and efficient.

Group similar activities together. When you do this it’s much easier to multi-task. It’s helpful for me to make the office off limits to myself during the morning and accomplish the design requirements of the day. Being in the workroom I can see more of the needs there and can organize staff to be efficient for when I am out. My time in the office, like everyone’s, is for my correspondence, then tasks that relate to the finances of the business. After I know what my money situation is, it makes it simple to work on flower orders and other tasks pertaining to the distribution of those funds.

Delegate, delegate, delegate. Don’t do the tasks in your shop that your capable staff is trained to do. Regardless of how hard you try, you can’t do everything. If you teach your staff how things are to be done, let them do it and then evaluate with them. You can delegate with confidence, and you’ll see your lists getting done more and more efficiently.