Monday, February 22, 2010

March Board Meeting

The board of the Utah Professional Florist Association will be meeting the first week of March. We invite all of those who are interested to submit any questions or concerns to any of the board members. We would love to hear feed back from our Utah Florists about the recent Valentines Day holiday. Was it a boon in new business for you, or was it a little less than you expected? Please leave a comment, it helps all of us when we discuss the industry and our unique local concerns.

A list of the Board Members is as follows:

Annie Whittaker - Annie's Main Street Floral
Caroline Mabey - Brown's Floral
David Britenbeiker - David's Floral
Deon Gooch - Olive and Dahlia
Dorean Corrin - Whimsicality Inc.
Fran Hutchison - Tulip Tree Floral
Hal Hiatt - Patches of Iris and Violets
Kathy Thomas - Engh Floral
Marilyn Brumfield - The Silver Cricket
Mark Jackson - Ensign Wholesale
Pam March - Every Blooming Thing
Pat Pose - The Posey Place
Stefanie Wedemeyer - The Art Floral
Tracy Barlow AIFD - The Window Box