Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Presidents April Message


Spring is finally here. Domestic goddess love this time of year as every nook and cranny gets refreshed. Spring cleaning is also a good time to evaluate how things look and how our home is functioning. We strip out the old and throw out the broken, the project that never came about and the clutter.

Spring cleaning is also a good thing to do in our shops too! Clean up just like you do at home. Clean the walls, sweep the corners, throw out the ribbon you haven't used for 10 years, trash the old vases or sell them. Don't forget to spring clean the books and magazines. Evaluate your cost of goods, labor costs or other expenses you see as too high and clean them up as needed.

As we clean up our shops and business we'll be more prepared for the holidays that come at us back to back this year. Happy Spring Cleaning

Tracy Barlow AIFD, UPFA President

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